Are you committed to change?

Working with me 1 on 1 is your fast track to abundant intimacy.

You are in charge of your career – now get in charge of your love life! 

Your life is amazing, but you are missing romance. Or maybe your life isn’t that fulfilling at all. You feel lonely, insecure, or fearful about love. You might not have (a lot of) experience with sex or relating at all. Maybe you don’t know how to start, where to look, or how to finally stop attracting what you don’t want.

In a world where sex and relating are not openly and honestly discussed, it is easy to stay stuck in a place that doesn’t feel quite right. Where can you ask all your questions about love, and talk openly about sex? Where can you practice, online or for real?

I have years of experience in supporting people to understand how love works – and how they work. You may think you are looking for love, but maybe you are looking for something entirely different.

I am trauma informed, and not judgemental towards non-monogamy (polyamory, open relating) or kink and BDSM. I have worked with CEO’s, elderly, disabled, TEDx speakers, trans folks, and people of all walks of life. I welcome everyone the same, regardless of your gender, cultural background, age (though 18+), sexual orientation, relationship style, or religion. 

Working with me can be a single session, yearlong mentoring, or something in between.


Individual trajectories can include:

✓ Regular face to face or online coaching sessions

✓ Face to face sessions practicing touch, consent, and communication

✓ Nourishing touch (learning to receive): cuddle sessions, tantric exercises, or massage

✓ Dating profile assessment

✓ Email coaching

✓ Whatsapp support

✓ Reduced prices or free participation in my workshops



Do you want to start/grow a business like mine?

I have different options to support your professional growth.

Working on your own terms, delivering from your heart. Isn’t that the dream? 

This world needs teachers, coaches, facilitators, and practitioners in the field of intimacy. Love and sex are still largely in the realms of taboo. There are plenty of places where you can learn to be a coach. Or how to run a business. But I found that those don’t know how to run an intimacy-based business. 

An intimacy-based business is different from other businesses, as there are things to deal with that other businesses don’t have to deal with: apprehension in customers, Social Media restrictions (I can rarely use advertisements, or even write the word sex or tantra), judgements of friends and family.

With a decade of experience in running a successful and profitable business I can support you setting up, or growing, yours. 

I know what it’s like to invent your own job, multiply income, write the right copy, promote your events and services (even despite Social Media restrictions) – and stay happy and sane in the process. 


Individual trajectories can include:

✓ Online pick-my-brain sessions

✓ Email coaching

✓ Mentoring (ongoing support for both you and your company)

✓ Learn on the spot; be part of my workshop team

✓ Coming in the near future: professional (and certified) trainings to become workshop facilitator in the broad field of intimacy (cuddling, tantra, kink, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, dance, etc). Learn to become an extraordinary facilitator: trauma informed, (informed and embodied) consent trained, business savvy, etc.

✓ Training to become a certified cuddle workshop facilitator through Cuddle Workshops International