These Wings Won’t Fit in a Cocoon Anymore

And then she said:

“I could be insecure again. Like a caterpillar who broke its cocoon to unfold its wings, too afraid to take its space and be carried by the sky, that tries to get back in again.

I tried that. But these wings won’t fit in that cocoon anymore unless I’d break them.

There’s no other option but to let the air, the sun, the earth and the rain touch me and tease me, test my resilience to come back again. To dry, shake off, breathe and fly again.

And I don’t need you – or anyone – to tell me to become a caterpillar again, nor to fly faster than when my wings have dried.

I don’t need you to teach me how to fly, not even how to deal with the elements! It’s my own experience that will teach me most. I need to feel it all.

All I would ever desire from you is to witness. Watch me as I go. Your smile and the pride beaming from your eyes make my heart sing and motivate me in those moments when fear tempts to overtake, to take care of myself by either keep on going or taking a break.

Don’t fix me. Don’t save me. Don’t hold me back.

That’s not what love is. Love is watching me unfold into my most precious being – on my own terms.”

Don't push me back

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