To hold space.
To be there for someone.

What is that, what does it mean?

To me, it means being fully present with someone, without wanting to change anything.

It’s dropping my agenda about what they need to feel, understand, go through, drop, invite or change.

It’s offering my heart, wide open, and ask for nothing on return.

It’s letting go of my own desires while keeping my boundaries in check.

It’s allowing the process to unfold without wanting it to move in any certain direction.

It’s being able to drop taking any of the process personal. To drop the idea that I’m decreasing or increasing the depth of the process. It’s not about me.

It’s being patient, taking the time it takes, how long that may be.

It’s loving them, no matter what they say, do, like. Even when they walk away.

It’s about not being distracted by our surroundings, my desires, or anything else that’s not a boundary.

Holding space, to me, might just be the most precious gift we can give to, or receive from, another human being.