You know, dear one,

You might feel alone out there, on your path of life. Knowing that what the people around you do is not the kind of passionate living that you ambition. You probably feel the strong pull of going beyond imaginary boundaries of right, wrong, and decent.

Your soul is calling you in for wild adventures, breaking glass ceilings, and being free. For living beyond what you thought possible, beyond what teachers in school ever taught you. Beyond ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’

Rich and famous aren’t good enough.

You know there’s more. You feel it deep inside and it’s crystal clear.

But the fears and doubts feel so real too.

They teach us how to color within the lines.

But maybe, for what you came here for, there isn’t even a coloring book. All you have is this strong sense of purpose, this intuitive feeling that you have something to give.

You may feel raw and naked, not knowing where exactly you’re going. But you’re on your way. You can’t be caught or held any longer in this suit society tries to put you in. It doesn’t fit and quite frankly, it never did.

You’re not alone.

There’s more of us, breaking out of the shackles of expectation. Rising up into trust that there’s more. Feeling deeply into compassion, away from competition. Finding trust and safety inside ourselves instead of giving away our power to commercials and magazines.

We’re in this together.

Step by step, changing the world in a process of constant evolution. It always has been, it always will be. Moving through these constant waves of feelings, turst, distrust, knowing, confusion.

We’re in this together.

No need for coloring books. The world is our canvas. There’s art to create, love to share, trust to bring. Just listen to that voice within. That voice deep inside your core.

It knows.

You know.

You’re a warrior of peace. An educator of compassion. A missionary of freedom.

It’s the path of the courageous. The visionaries. The inspirators.

So let’s breathe in trust

and breathe out compassion.

Here we are.

In this together.


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