This Elusive Now

There are so many moments which are not now, and just this fraction of time ‘now’. Gone as soon as you realize it’s here.

And in this continuum of now’s, passing by so swiftly, in the same time so much is happening! The whole world is happening within it.

It’s tangible, yet elusive.

Sometimes my thoughts drift away and it feels I missed a whole bunch of now’s. Sometimes so many people are expectant, disappointed, hopeful or happy in my presence that the now we share seems endless.

Sometimes I feel there aren’t enough moments of now, and sometimes I can’t wait until the moments between me and a moment in the future have passed.

Maybe it’s the only thing we can never control. And so there’s nothing ever to be controlled. Which leaves us with no other choice than to resist or accept this now.

This very, very now.

This elusive now

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