Part of me thinks there is an endpoint. That somehow, at some point in time, I will ‘get it’.
I will know my boundaries impeccably. I know exactly what I want and to communicate that at the right moment. I will be free of trauma and fears.
The older I get, the more I realize this endpoint will never come.
Freedom isn’t being free from anxiety and insecurity.
Happiness doesn’t mean being without challenges.
We get a little better every day. And then some days we get worse. Because we have an experience that hurts us because we meet someone who doesn’t have our best interest in mind because we overlook our own best interest.
But then there are new days when we can get better. Release some of the old, breathe in some of the new.
We are an art project in progress. How would you treat that?
I choose compassion, patience, and a lot of love.