The very first post

This website will be a process. It won’t be a static thing, collecting words. It will be a journey through life.

I will write about what’s on my mind. As I read books, join workshops and listen to podcasts and audio programs, I will share my experiences. I will combine lessons from the past with new insights.

The very first thing I want to introduce in this very first post are my Personal Challenges. I will use this website and Social Media like Twitter and Google+ to challenge myself to broadcast my desires for personal growth. Why? Blogmaster Steve Pavlina explains (citations from several posts):

Don’t just write down a list of goals for yourself. Share your key goals with others. Let your friends and associates know what you desire to manifest or achieve, especially for desires that may come to you through your social circle.

Congruent desires are shameless, fearless, and guiltless. If you attach any shame, fear, or guilt to your desires, you’re simply pushing them away.

A good way to test if your desires are congruent is to consider posting them publicly, where everyone in your life can see them. Whatever desires you can’t post publicly, you’re repelling.

When you do this, you can expect certain logical consequences.

First, some of your friends will be supportive of your new direction. They may offer suggestions, resources, or other assistance to help you get there. If you keep quiet about your goals, they can’t help you.

On the other hand, some of your friends will respond with neutrality. Perhaps they don’t care about your new direction, or they simply can’t help you with it. This is not a problem. It’s just a situation to be accepted.

And most likely some of the people in your life will reject your new direction. For whatever reason they won’t be able to accept it. They may react with sarcasm, criticism, or other forms of non-support.

See the feedback as coming from a part of you, and know that all resistance is internal resistance. Dialog with the critics if you like, and try to understand their point of view. See if you actually believe their arguments, or if you find their reasoning hollow and meaningless.

Fear, shame, guilt, and worrying about what other people might think are all forms of resistance. Once you let go of these forms of resistance, what remains is a sense of welcoming. You invite the desire with a feeling of readiness to receive it now.

Here’s my Personal Challenge #1: For seven days in a row I will post something on Twitter and Google+ which I find challenging, but what I want to welcome into my reality without fear, shame, guilt or worry. Next week I’ll post an overview and evaluation of what happened. Feel free to give me feedback on my way or join me in this challenge 🙂

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