Content and sad

Overwhelmed and lonely

Bored with a long to-do list

Grumpy and relaxed

Grateful while feeling FOMO

We don’t have to choose. We can feel all of those things, and more, all at the same time. And it goes deeper.

We have different parts inside us. The inner child, playful one, control freak, teenager, wise one and whatnot. So many voices. And they may all feel different, as well as have their own boundaries and desires.

Do you recognize situations where you don’t know whether to say yes or no, as both feel true?

Well, they may both be true. For different parts of you.

Your introvert may say no, while your extrovert says yes. Your shy parts may notice a boundary your slûtty side doesn’t even have.

There’s not one truth. They all are true.

And so I’m sitting here feeling overwhelmed, lonely, sad, content, excited, down, powerless, tired and at peace.