The deeper we love,
the deeper love will touch us.

It is as incredible as it sounds,
though not always easy.

As love tears down everything in its way to loving more,
all our deepest stories, pain, fear and insecurity is revealed
in the wake of unleashing bliss.

And not just our own!

All that which our ancestors carry,
what’s engraved in our collective past and present,

It’s all right here, right now.

So beware,
when you open your heart wider than before,

That more love than you can imagine will pour in,
And your senses sensitize

As there’s no right or wrong, desired or undesired on our inner landscape,
just simple aliveness,

It all becomes stronger.

Become ready.
Training the resilience of your comfort zone and nervous system,
Take care of your boundaries and desires
Get to know them
Honor them
and your precious heart.

Dropping the stories of right and wrong
Trusting that precious heart of yours,
your bellies’ guidance

You know.

And trust that whenever your heart breaks open,
again and again,
it creates space,
for more love.

This is it