That’s my team, before and after a weekend of Exploring Kink. Another sold-out room with such a lovely group from all over the world. Two days. Many experiences. Tears, laughter, and Belgian pralines.
I keep telling how I love this workshop. For many, these days are their first gentle steps into the path that kīnk can be: a discovery of parts of yourself you may not know. Inhabiting more of our power, decisiveness, honest no, creativity and chosen surrender.
Some takeaways I loved:
– the choice to surrender to someone is an entire different thing from letting someone tell you what to do. The first can be a relief and relaxation – and a way of receiving deep care.
– many of us have the experience of not being loved and accepted for who we are. Surrounding ourselves with people who celebrate our tears, challenges and quirks is necessary.
– discovering new things we like, and having spaces that facilitate that, broadens the spectrum of things that nourish us.
This workshop has been with me for quite some years now. It’s never the same, but always cracking my heart open wide.
Today I feel pride. For this work, these spaces, the people that support my life’s mission, my love, and all the people that trust me and themselves to join.