#thankyouplantmedicine I have always felt a strong calling in my soul to connect with plants. From wanting to become a forester at age four, to studying forest and nature conservation and traveling the world to be in amazing forests. I still do that. I have always had a fascination for plants and how we can learn from, and with them. My deepest fascination is with the plants from Europe. My whole life I have been collecting an drying herbs for tea. I make tinctures, smudge sticks and salves. I have a deep love for chaga, a (non hallucinogenic) mushroom that increased my connection to nature and my own roots. For a month I created my personal dieta with chaga, experimenting…

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Bufo – Dying to Grow

“I know you have worked with medicine before, but have you ever done Bufo, the toad?” This question came by often, with the addition that even when you have worked with Ayahuasca and Kambo, Bufo is something else. The stories sounded so intense, that I never even really considered this one. Why would someone want to feel like they’re dying – for real? But then there was this message from someone I never met before: “Hey, we love what you bring to this world, and the medicines tell us to invite you. Would you come to our Bufo alvarius ceremony next week?” And of course, it was that one free day between the madness of Christmas and Newyear, in a…

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The Ritual Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremony

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The combination of cacao, dance and a mind-expanding experience must be one of the most luscious things I can think of. I also love how plants and other natural substances can give us insights that we usually can’t reach. I call them imprints: once you felt them, you will always be able to reconnect to a certain feeling and apply it in new situations. I never tried ritual doses of theobromine, the active compound of chocolate. Raw cacao in ritual doses is celebrated for its capacities to open hearts and supports transformation through self-love. Raw cacao is also a powerful antioxidant, enhances the immune system, lowers the risk of heart disease, lowers high cholesterol and blood…

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Are you familiar with the fascinating realm of synchronicities? Synchronicities are occurrences that are so much aligned with your path that they simply do not feel like pure coincidences. I like to believe that synchronicities show me the direction of my purpose. My heart-centered path of immense growth and happiness. Since I focus on my growth processes, my life appears to have central themes. Often this is a fear or insecurity that feels stuck in my being. This can be a childhood trauma, an accident or a limiting belief. When learning to appreciate my body was a theme, I was invited to come to intuitive dancing in contact with other people. I met people who told me out of the…

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