“Meditate every Day for Ten Minutes. Unless You have No Time…”

Riding with Benthe

  ‘Meditate ten minutes every day. Unless you’re busy. Then meditate an hour.’ It’s so easy to cut down on self-care, slowing down, you-time. Don’t. You’re the most important resource that you have. And even if you don’t have time: Stop. Take a deep breathe. Look at a tree, a plant in your office, or this photo. Put a hand on your hard. Take another deep breathe. Notice gravity. Feel your hand. Welcome back. Photo was taken last week horseriding in the Dutch jungle. Unfiltered in all possible ways.

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Let me show you the world in my eyes

Do you know that song from Depeche Mode? Maybe put it on while you watch at the photos in this blog post… http://youtu.be/fArx9p6oOOU I’ve been going through a time of major changes lately. Having an open relationship confronts me with my fears and insecurities daily. Do I still believe it’s worth going through all this? Yes. Would I want to go back to a monogamous relationship? Definitely not. I found out there is so much old pain and fear hidden in me. I never really loved myself. I never really looked into the mirror and loved the person I saw. Only now I’m letting go of all this shields and defenses, I can find the sparkling diamond within. And I’m…

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