How are you editing your life?

How do you edit your life?

As a writer they tell you to edit your writing by deleting at least thirty percent of the words you have written. Do you realize most of us do the same thing with our lives? We edit parts of our lives by hiding them, erasing them and forgetting about them all together. Sometimes it’s quite useful to let go of certain things. Think about biting nails or drawing pictures of colorful houses with crayons on the wallpaper of our parents’ living room. But we also edit precious parts of our lives. We erase things we love. Why? The castle metaphor My friend Jamie Catto often uses the metaphor of a castle in his workshops. He says that we are all…

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How a detox can increase food addiction

Food addiction

I have been experimenting with nutritional supplements and doing a detox over the last weeks. One of my intentions for doing this detox, was breaking with my eating addictions. I hoped that staying away from sugar, wheat (carbs altogether) and fat for 21 days would rewire my brain into an addictive free, relaxed state. Partly it did. The cravings were still there, but they felt soft and I could handle them well most of the time. I knew I wouldn’t give into them, as I promised myself to fulfill these 21 days. But towards day 21, cravings increased. My mind found openings and options inside the challenge where I could give into the cravings. I had a conscious and very…

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Who’s driving your bus? Three steps to kick out the gremlins and take control of your life

Do you recognize those moments where it feels like you are being lived? That some kind of authority is commanding you to freak out, even though you hardly know why? You look in the mirror and don’t recognize the image of the stamping kid with clenched fists, raging about what s/he’s not getting. He simply asked me for a cup of tea. No more than that. After a long travel to come to see me, he asks me the favor of making him tea. Instead of getting up and giving him something he longs for, I feel rebellion coming up. “Why don’t you get it yourself?” It’s out before I know it. I see the disappointment in his face. The…

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“Chakras are astral anusses” – Jamie Catto


“Chakras are astral anusses, designed to poo our shit out.” “We feel bad about ourselves because we take feedback from idiots having a bad day seriously.” I just came home from an evening workshop with Jamie Catto. It must have been the most hilarious workshop on personal growth I’ve ever attended. Jamie is delighting. In his old brown shoes, baggy trousers and oversized woolen sweater he looks very sweet and cuddly. Looking very comfortable and happy he starts talking, seemingly without a plan. Enthusiastic, from the heart and most of all: real. No shit, no masks, no stories. You get all of Jamie, including the regular f-word in between yogi-terms. “It’s quite traumatic being an individual. In that so-called oneness…

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