Weekends & Retreats

Wilrieke facilitates and co-facilitates weekends and retreats. Mainly in The Netherlands, and sometimes international. Interested in bringing one of her workshops to your city? Contact Wilrieke for more information.

These are three of Wilrieke’s cornerstone retreats (click for an example description):

Upcoming retreats:

A weekend with Reid Mihalko & Wilrieke Sophia

✦ December 13 – 15, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Sex and relationship geek Reid Mihalko of ReidAboutSex.com helps adults and college students create more self-esteem, self-confidence, and greater health and accountability in their relationships and sex lives using an inspiring mixture of humor, personal stories, keen insight, and comprehensive sexual health information. This is the first time EVER he will be teaching in The Netherlands! This is a whole weekend of yumminess with events like Dating Your Species, Blow Job Grad School, a Play Party, Poly 101 (about non-monogamy) and more!

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The Kinky Tantra Intensive

✦ February 8 – 9, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

We’re back! After several sold-out editions with participants from all over Europe and America, we’re doing it again! Two days of bringing depth and pleasure to all your relationships! Empowerment, pleasure, and playfulness are keywords for this Intensive. Learn the basics to set up a kinky play, hold space, guide, surrender, use tools, your shamanic powers, as well as all your senses.

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Navigating Intimacy

✦ February 22-23, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

There is an abundant river of sexuality, creativity, empowerment, healing just waiting to pour into our lives. The only thing we need to do is to learn to open to what is already wanting to come through, to be able to tap into these flows and receive their gifts. On this workshop, we will be sharing a variety of game-changing tools to efficiently harness the different ways this opening can be specifically applied to experiencing more pleasure, more excitement, more creativity and deeper presence with everyone in our lives.

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Celestial Heart Medicine Healing Circles

✦ April 3-4, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

The Celestial Heart Medicine healing circles are a combination of many different lines and traditions coming from Brazil and Peru. It is a mystery school devoted mostly to the navigation and understanding of our connection to spirit as we partake in an entheogenic ceremony. These circles are designed for the Western mind, resulting from years of study with the different tribes and masters of the Amazon. The Circles are led by Kai Karrel.

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Erotic Intimacy Weekend Intensive

✦ April 25-26, TBA (The Netherlands)

With Reid Mihalko, Wilrieke Sophia, Monique Darling & Peter Petersen. Details TBA.

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Energy Sex Weekend Intensive

✦ May 2-3, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

With Reid Mihalko, Wilrieke Sophia, Monique Darling & Peter Petersen.

Regardless of what belief system you subscribe to, our bodies are giving off signals. These cues and clues can be read and tracked with practice, especially during sex! Engaging these subtle and powerful energies, and interacting with them in a focused state, can make for a deeply transformative experience.

When sexual impulses are free-flowing in the body, something natural and beautiful happens in our psyche and life pulsates with aliveness. Sexual energy is a profound whole-body healer and can bring forth delicious feelings of bliss and ecstasy from endorphin release. We will explore underlying principles and approaches to playing with sexual energy, energetically.

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