Weekends & Retreats

Besides workshops, I also facilitate, co-facilitate and organize for and with the most inspiring teachers I know. Here you find an overview of upcoming retreats:

Kinky Tantra Intensive (Incl. Puja Ritual and Play Party XL)

➤ September 20-22, Utrecht (NL)

Do you want to:
➸ increase your communication skills in your (future) relationships?
➸ become more present, authentic and able to hold space for another person?
➸ add juice to your present and future relationships?
➸ learn what polarity means, and how it adds quality, sexy and depth to any relationship?
➸ learn some new & cool skills, whether this is using toys and tools, or how something as simple as breath can increase pleasure?
➸ spend time with an amazing group of like-minded people in an urban temple in Amsterdam?

This is the Kinky Tantra Intensive, a weekend of exploring Tantra and Kink in an intuitive way. You will learn how the practices of Tantra and Kink are no opposites, but complementary pathways that can increase each others depth and effect.

A weekend of exploring Tantra and Kink in a conscious, intuitive (some might say Shamanic) way with the intention of personal growth and empowerment.

This weekend is designed as a full-on deep-dive into the world of Kinky Tantra. Check out the event pages for a full description of the weekend:

>> Kinky Tantra Intensive September 20-22, Utrecht (NL)


Tantra meets BDSM with Om Rupani & Laurie Handlers

➤ October 11-12, Amsterdam (NL)

Finally, these two amazing teachers are coming to The Netherlands!

In this weekend journey, Laurie Handlers and Om Rupani will create a permission field in which the participants can discover a greater YES for their being, their desires, their Eros. No aspect of our being has been more shunned by society, more relegated to second class status than our Eros—especially the so-called darker aspects of our Eros.

The art of Dominance & Submission / BDSM expertly plays with the darker side of our Eros. In this journey, we will take the participants through solo practices of release and self-acceptance, as well as partnered exercise and SCENES in which they may give themselves permission for their desires around POWER, DOMINANCE & SUBMISSION, the giving and receiving of CONTROL and the deeper experience of SURRENDER.

We invite you to come to explore and deepen your Spiritual and Er*tic journey. Integrate the various aspects of your psyche, discover new levels of turn-on in your relating and sexing. Say YES to life, to your desires, and to your BEING.

This course is open to singles & couples and explicitly welcomes people of genders, sexual orientation or relationship constellation.

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How to Have the Best Sex Ever with Jamie Catto & Wilrieke Sophia

➤ October 18-20, Utrecht (NL)

There is an abundant river of sexuality, creativity, empowerment, healing just waiting to pour into our lives. The only thing we need to do is to learn to open to what is already wanting to come through, to be able to tap into these flows and receive their gifts. On this workshop, we will be sharing a variety of game-changing tools to efficiently harness the different ways this opening can be specifically applied to experiencing more pleasure, more excitement, more creativity and deeper presence with everyone in our lives.

The quality of our sex lives may well reflect our general capacity in life for receptivity, creativity and feeling empowered, and we may have fallen into the trap of believing our pleasure or our fulfillment needs to be generated by us as if there’s something we need to produce. This is, after all, how we have been raised. But on this workshop, you will experience how the true treasure of life arises in a more receptive state, not busy doing but allowing, receiving and opening in specific ways.
Improving our bedroom skills therefore just might make our lives a bit better.

When we learn to reignite the Yin in the Yang, the listening which directs all our doing, then we learn to open up to these streams of abundance and tap into endless and amazing sources to nourish ourselves. When we learn to reignite the Yang in the Yin we create direction and intention to these flows.

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