I have a natural thing against gyms (no offence) and ever since I became a mother about 13 years ago I like to do the occasional yoga routine or workout at home.

By now, I’m beyond my saturation point of young, skinny, white girls facilitating those. I don’t aim to have that body type (even if I could), I don’t aim to lose weight or shame my body in any way for the way it looks. I do want to move, stretch, dance, work out, or meditate.

When I did another search, even when I searched for ‘queer workout’, almost all I found was more of the same. I have nothing against skinny, young girls, but I want more diversity than that.

So: where are the POC, queer, fat, fun folks who have YouTube channels with yoga, workouts, meditations, etc? Preferably between 15-30 minutes and no equipment needed (unless simple things anyone has laying around).

I asked my followers and together we came with an amazing list of resources. This article is a collection. It’s not complete, it’s not perfect, and it’s a start.


Tom Barber Yoga – Youtube Channel with a few routines (30+ minutes) and @tombarberyoga

Edyn Loves Life – Youtube Channel with plus size friendly yoga and @edynjacks

Yoga with Roos – Youtube Channel with routines of different lengths. It’s also worth checking out her meditations and updates about plants, body positivity and sustainability.

The Fat Yogis – Youtube Channel with different routines

Jessamyn Stanley – YouTube Channel with different routines and moving meditations

Be Queerful – Youtube Channel with LGBT Queer Yoga routines and @bequeerful

The Yoga Room – Youtube Channel with many routines for all kinds of bodies

Dianne Bondy Yoga – Youtube Channel with yoga for all bodies as well as yoga for pain

Divya Bala – YouTube Channel with different routines and @divyabala

Fightmaster Yoga – Youtube Channel with many different routines for all bodies

Dance Workouts

Stpgap Dance Company – Youtube Channel with inclusive home workouts (also check out their other stunning videos!)

Fit Body By Ashley – Youtube Channel with many different workouts and @fitbodybyashley 

Keira LaShae – Youtube Channel with hip hop tabata routines and @keiralashae

Kukuwa – Youtube Channel with African Dance routines

Kanoa Green – Dance Workout and @kanoagreen

Rashida KhanBey Miller – Youtube Channel with sensual and messy movement routines and also check her gorgeous website

Workouts / Fitness

Holly Honjo – Youtube channel with plus size friendly workouts

Fit Fatties: Weight Neutral Fitness for all shapes and sizes – Facebook Group

Jameela Jamil – Youtube Channel with a revolution against shame and workouts on Instagram that support people with eating disorders, @i_weigh

Popsugar – Youtube Channel with many different workouts (cardio, Latin dance,  of different lengths.

Deja Riley – Youtube Channel with different routines incl. dancing and boxing


Rod Owens – Youtube video with a guided meditation and dharma talk (also search youtube for ‘Lama Rod Owens’)

Tsoknyi Rinpoche – Youtube Playlist with teachings. (also search youtube for ‘Tsoknyi Rinpoche’) 

Judy Lief – Youtube meditation


Autism and Mindfulness – website in English and Dutch audio exercises

Anusha Wijeyakumar – Youtube Channel with short exercises and @shantiwithin