Resetting the nervous system. That’s what swimming in cold water feels for me like now.

I never liked it. Until the last months. I notice how living in these intense times of constantly being online, a pandemic, climate change, and all the things that come with daily life create a near-constant tension in me. I’m always rushed. Often alert. My busy brain finds it hard to sit still with a cup of tea and meditate and forgets to do yoga.

But I do need those resets.

Sex is a great way. Sleep too. And, apparently, cold water. For a few days, a nagging feeling kept urging me to go and swim in the lake nearby.

Today I did. It was amazing. A kingfisher flew by, the sun was shining between beautiful clouds.

And my body and mind feel soft and at ease. For now.

What do you do that helps you reset your nervous system?