Queer Tantra – The Book

Tantra is an old philosophy originating in the East, that is supposed to help the practitioner’s spiritual transformation and to live a fulfilled life. Tantra says that, to find inner peace and freedom, we do not need to live a life of abstinence or solitude, but that all we are looking for can be found in daily life while embracing the limitations and pleasures of living in a human body. Although it used to be open to anyone dedicated to learning the practice, regardless of class, wealth, or power, tantra nowadays seems to have become a luxury personal growth practice for those with the privileges to access it.

This book is an attempt at a contemporary answer to the commercial, binary tantra that has dominated the narrative over the last decades in the Western world. It is an effort to include those who felt excluded before while acknowledging the rest of us. 

This book is for those who don’t feel at home in the current (neo) tantra spaces. People considering themselves under the LGTBQ+ umbrella, including the asexuals, aromantics, intersex and non-binary folks. This book is for those who experience body dysmorphia. It is for the feminists and those not fitting into the binary male/female relationship image where the man or the ‘divine masculine’ is in the lead. It is for those who have multiple partners or no partner at all. 

As I have noticed that there is a lot of overlap of people who are queer, with people who are disabled and neurodivergent, I want to include those groups specifically in this book too. I have many friends who think tantra is not for them, because their bodies can’t sit perfectly straight or perfectly still. This book is for you too, who cannot position yourself in a straight-up yab-yum position. It is for those who have trouble focussing. You are welcome here.

This is a book, too, for our allies and everyone who wishes to understand an inclusive form of tantra, stretching far beyond the queer realms.

Contracted by Twin Flame Publishers, this book is expected in late 2024. Stay tuned through my newsletter!


Stories from the Polycule – Dr. Elisabeth Sheff

‘Sheff (The Polyamorists Next Door) has collected an array of essays, poems, and drawings about polyamory (multiple committed romantic relationships, not to be confused with sex-only swinging) in this interesting compendium, along with a piece about her own experiences with the practice,’ Publishers Weekly.

As a contributing author I have written two chapters to this first of its kind anthology of people living in consensual non-monogamous relationships. 

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