Redesign Your Love Life

How to Enhance Your Relationship with Yourself and Others, For Deeper Intimacy, Greater Sex, and Adventurous Connection.


Imagine, waking up each morning with a sense of juicy excitement, ready for a new day full of loving explorations. Being in love with yourself and radiating that. Being in love with the people around you and with life in general. Feeling juicy, sexy and grateful for all the intimacy that you have in your life.


Redesign Your Love Life is an online program that will help you:

– Have a better understanding of relationship dynamics (and not just with intimate partners). Why do some relationships flourish and others seem doomed, and how to create your own perfect relationship? You will learn to recognize our own behavior in relationships and other connections and break free from toxic patterns.

– Learn to use your emotions as a guiding system towards inner peacefulness, trust and power. You will also learn to deal with intense feelings like insecurity and jealousy and why they are so beautiful.

– Learn how to increase self-love, self-compassion, empathy and self-esteem. The most gorgeous people are the ones that radiate, right? Let me show you how to become one of those people with that sparkle in their eyes.

– Learn how to attract like-minded people into your life. Do you have that feeling that you just cannot find the right people, or that you attract people who don’t match your desires? Let me teach you why – and how to attract people that match your desires or even exceed them!

– Learn how sex can be used as a yummy tool for growth, and how to invite more (and better!) sex into your life.

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