We have such a strange relationship with pride. At least in my culture. We shouldn’t be proud, as it’s seen as self-righteous and arrogance.

But why not be proud? Why not acknowledge who we are and what we have to contribute?

I know I need meaning and purpose in my life. Something bigger than myself and my life only. Things that contributes to other people’s wellbeing.

And when I make steps, big or small, I love them to be acknowledged. By myself ánd by others. I need a little pride coming my way to keep doing things that require courage and perseverance.

Pride doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t decrease your spiritual practice. It just may help you ground and shine a little more.

Of course we can overdo it. But that’s not healthy pride. That’s something else.

Would you like to jump in the game with me? Tell me what you are proud of!


I’m proud of being lined up with some amazing facilitators for a festival this week, giving a workshop on Radical Self-Inclusion, and having Betty Martin coming to Rock the Lockdown to give a workshop there on Sunday. I’m proud to be surrounded by such badass colleagues who love and appreciate me.