Here we are. Sitting down in front of the altar of life. The sacred herbs of devotion burning, leaving traces of smoke circling around our faces. The scent intense.

This is what it all come down to. Witnessing the unknown unfolding, taking in all the sensations.

The control we thought we had an illusion. The thoughts we thought we directed running wild.

Until we take that deep breath and surrender.

There may not be a point in all this. There may not be a deeper purpose to life at all. We may just be a complex system of species trying to make it to the next generation.

There’s only peace when we accept we don’t know. That what we learn and create may be lost when we die.

So. What is left?

To me, that’s the deep sense of curiosity and wondering. What if nothing is pointless? What if it all makes sense? And all this while accepting it is okay if it’s not and it doesn’t.

True freedom isn’t in independency. True freedom is in sovereignty. In standing firmly in the midst of it all, feet on the ground, face in the air, while the storms rage around. Not seeing a thing – not even knowing what we are looking for.

True freedom is noticing the smoke, and trusting that whatever we make of it, is sacred and magical, whether it’s pointless or not.