(Poem #18) You There in the Mirror

Hey you, you there in the mirror,
Reflecting me in all my facets.

Sparkling painfully bright,
Hurting my eyes
And my heart.

And yes, it cracks further open
Allowing more light
But casting darker shadows
I didn’t see before.

Hey you, you there in the mirror,
My own reflection
Or your own person reminding me
Of all the flaws and perfection
But most of all:

The courage that it takes to be alive
This neverending alchemistic process
Of turning anything into gold.

It’s true. Everything can turn into gold,
and gold can turn into anything.

Let’s celebrate the pain and the joy
The bliss and despair

But most of all acknowledge that courage
To take another step,
To tumble down another rabbit hole
Maybe wiser
Maybe having less than a clue
Of where we’re heading and what it’s for

But to trust and let go
A bit more in each moment.

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