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There are three Personal Challenges waiting for an update.

Personal Challenge #0: Vegan for a month

I have been vegan now for almost three weeks, and it is way easier than I thought. I stacked some healthy food stuffs like raw cocoa nibs, chia seeds, goji berries, flax seeds and whole wheat crackers. I found out that extra bitter chocolate fulfills my monthly chocolat cravings. Weekly we buy maybe 20 kilo of fruit and veggies for smoothies, salads, veggie stews and more. My parents have a large garden and started harvesting potatoes, bringing us a bag full each time they visit.

I thought I would miss cheese, but I don’t. I do crave the salty, chewy taste cheese has, but I have been replacing that with mushrooms, tofu, tempeh and seitan, nicely marinated with spices and soy sauce. Did I mention I crave soy sauce at the moment? It is a new experience after craving sugar, chocolate, French cheese or raw, fermented, pickled herring (the last two while being pregnant) 🙂

It feels like my body is detoxing. I have these skin deceases in my face (called Rosacea and Couperose) which result in redness and pimples. Usually it’s not so bad and hardly visible, but lately it got worse. It feels like my body is getting rid of waste material through my skin. For now, I keep cleansing my face with tonic suited for my skin and drink a lot of water and herbal tea. If the situation does not improve I will consult a dermatologist and ask for advice.

I feel way more energetic. Because I also cut out a lot of sugar and eat mainly vegetables and fruits, added with some whole wheat products  and brown rice (and a little bitter chocolate 😉 ), I find my energy level to be more constant. No after dinner dip, or feel hyper energized when I want to go to sleep. having said that, I do realize that when I try to read or watch some series in the evening, I fall asleep every time, which I never did in the past.

I lost some weight. I’m quite happy with that. Since my youngest daughter was born, December 2011, I was carrying around some extra pounds. Still I wish my belly to become more flat, but I have to create a habit of doing exercises I guess…

It feels very good to be vegan. This month I am very strict and read all ingredient lists of products, making sure there is not a single milligram of animal product in them. At the end of the month I will evaluate and decide how to continue.

Personal Challenge #1: put everyday something on Twitter.

For seven days in a row I would put something on Twitter and Google+ which i wanted to manifest or share without feelings of fear or guilt. Shameless. This is what I shared:

(P.C.#1-1/7) I <3 my opening up relationship and all new experiences it brings. Letting go limiting beliefs I set up for myself and enjoy!


(P.C.#1-2/7) I kissed a girl and I liked it. And my boyfriend didn’t mind it. At all. 🙂 …


(P.C.#1-3/7) As teenager I totally adored Bon Jovi. I still remember all lyrics word for word and love singing along out loud 🙂


(P.C.#1-4/7) I <3 cuddle-threesomes. What’s next? 🙂


(P.C.#1-5/7) I totally <3 guys with hairy chests. Rawr!


(P.C.#1-6/7) I’m tall and have shoe size 43(Eur)/10,5(US). Search for sexy high heel shoes directs me to all kinds of kinky fetish shops…


(P.C.#1-7/7) I am in an open relationship. Want to know what that means? Read this:

What happened? People replied to me playfully. Mostly new found friends that really resonate with who I am now. And people that have known me for a longer time? Not a single word so far. Whether this means they do not read my Tweets, do not care or talk behind my back… I don’t know and I don’t care so much. All options are equally okay with me. Everybody knows I am approachable and ready to talk about anything, so I hope people will come and ask me about what I am doing and intending, rather than making assumptions. But even if they do so, I am perfectly fine with that.

I shared what I wanted and let go of any outcomes. I will not put out projections (“They probably think I’ve gone crazy” etc.) and rather let it flow.

I’ll keep Twittering and will come up with new personal Twitter-challenges soon! Follow me and be updated and participate!

Personal challenge #2: Write a blog post each day for 30 days.

This is my ninth blog post in a row. Each day i look forward to the moment where I sit down behind my computer and write. It has not been a problem at all to think of what to write about. Except for one day. I had one hour before an appointment and wanted to write my post before that. I decided I should come up with a topic at the spot, which would be easy since there is so much i wish to share. But nothing came. A complete blank.

I laughed to myself and realized I was trying to use a very decisive and masculine approach. Do it now! Whereas this blog and the flow I am in at the moment is very feminine and all about acceptance. I let go of the intention to come up with a topic on the spot, and to trust the process. It was still morning. Somewhere during the day there would be something sticking in my mind, asking me to write about it. And it did 🙂

Lesson learned: go with the flow, do not force yourself to write, rather be aware for sticky topics, and write about them. This way writing is not something I have to do, but a process in which I learn and grow.

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