Owning Fear

When you fear something, it can be tempting not to deal with it by yourself, i.e. to ‘leak’ fear onto others. When we talk about what scares us, do we actually cry for help? Are we leaning onto another, hoping they are a hero, saving us from despair? Maybe we seek recognition for our feelings. Whatever it is we do, we depend on others to get away from our fears.

But there’s an invitation. An invitation to embrace fear and keep it. Not to hold it tight forever, but to take responsibility for our fears, to deal with them within ourselves, standing on our own legs.

Does that mean we cannot ask for support, safety or empathy? No, we can. but it’s possible to do that from that space of responsibility, from being centered. From a space of containing.

When digging deeper into the fear, you might realise it’s not true after all. It’s mainly a story. Maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it’s an illusion (unless there’s an elephant running towards you, but then you won’t have time for a story).

And yes, you might loose something. But that was never yours to begin with.


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