The words we choose to talk to ourselves and others with, matter.

Over the last weeks, I kept saying that I didn’t want a relationship and that when I met the Wizard I went in kicking and screaming. Until he, wisely, mentioned that I linked him to something I didn’t want and that, maybe, that wasn’t the connection I wanted to make in my head.
So I reframed it, and now I say that meeting him was unexpected, but welcome.

There’s more that I tell myself and others that I realize wasn’t helpful.

Instead of saying: I’m a complex person with overwhelming emotions, I can say that I am someone allowing themselves to feel a lot, and bringing the gift of openly sharing those feelings with others (I mean, how rich is that!)

Instead of saying: I’m traumatized and impossible to be with, I can say that I am a human being who collected baggage, like most of us, and my nervous system responses are understandable and very human.

Instead of saying I’m weird, I can say that I’m interesting.