On Trust and Trusting

The deepest layer of trust is not about knowing what will happen, how to get what you want, or even about understanding your desire. There’s no use in trying to get it, as trust isn’t about ‘getting it’.

Trust is a feeling. A close connection to your inner world and intuition. A clear communication channel to what’s deep inside and beyond you.

Trust is alignment to truth. The purpose of your life’s journey. Trust is breathing and opening up, even when you’re afraid or believe that this time it’s all wrong.

Trust is letting go of how you think you should get to where you think you should be going.

Because you don’t know. The path is in the unfolding of the path itself. You are not the gardener tidying things up. Rather you’re the explorer who doesn’t know what’s behind the next tree.

It’s not about fearing danger, and neither is trust about being brave to show the world what you can do.

This is an inner game, a quest of shedding layers and weight, zooming out and getting the you out of the way.

Trust isn’t about you and it’s all about you. Dare to let go of all that you were taught and remember your truth.

That’s where you’ll find trust and the deepest fulfilling in your life.

On Trust and Trusting

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