When we are talking about who you are, we’re not talking about the being you are. You are vast, much larger than what you perceive as ‘you’.

The ‘you’ as an identity is an illusion. In the web of interconnectedness you are a knot, a part of something huge – which you are also as a whole.

To understand this concept, you need to look and to feel beyond the ‘you’. The body may be experienced as something with an inside and an outside. ‘Part of’ and ‘Not part of’. But your body is not a container of flesh, thoughts and experiences. Your body is the vehicle in which vastness moves. Look into another persons’ eyes and feel how you are one in essence.

Separation is an illusion.

We need the feeling of separation to understand the path we are following. In order to achieve higher consciousness, all the knots in the web of interconnectedness need to vibrate in a higher frequency. Perceiving other ‘you’s’ lights the shadows in our essences. These magic mirrors aid you in your processes of everyday life.

For a long time it has been thought that spirituality was somehow separate from earthly matters. But it isn’t.

It’s daily life where we can manifest ourselves right now. It’s everyday life where our shadows step into the light.

Reflect upon your life. Isn’t it in the situations with the ‘you’s’ closest to you where it’s hard to stay centered? Your kids, partner, family; do they see the same you as your friends at a party or picnic?

Don’t be afraid of everyday life. It’s there where you struggle where you can learn the most. Realize that each moment of struggle, you resist your connection with this moment and you choose separation from the web of interconnectedness over joining.

You are so welcome to be part of the bigger ‘you’, that leaves no one out, you are never alone. Just close your eyes and feel it. This world is filled with ‘you’s’ with the same struggles and insecurities as you. Exactly the same. The more you think a struggle is yours uniquely, the more likely it is a lot of people will recognize your story.

When our struggles aren’t unique but universal, there’s already an interconnection between all of us.

Now let’s take this a step further and meet each other soul with recognition. Seeing the beauty in this other ‘you’ as well as the you that you see reflected in the eyes before you?

This is what compassion means. Love without conditions. And that is who, in essence, you really are.