I think the most beautiful form of art that we can master, is the art of surrender. Of letting go of resistance and accepting circumstances and inner movement on a deep level.

We might not always be able to choose the events happening in our lives. But we can choose how to deal with them. Even in the most painful moments beauty is to be found.

The heart cracking open, time after time. Love isn’t the only key to your heart. Sadness, grief, despair and bliss are keys too. And when you notice they all open the same doors, that only resistance is the gate-keeper with armor and an angry face, then you can kindly ask resistance to step aside and allow your heart to crack open so widely, it’s almost unbearable.

Stop trying to change what is here, right now. It’s here. There’s no need to change that, simply because this is reality as it is – right now.

Can you surrender to this moment and all it contains? Can you open the doors of your heart, even though resistance is screaming it’s dangerous and scary and unfair and inappropriate? Can you feel how much life is flowing through you?

Can you love unconditionally? Your life, your circumstances, yourself?