My Detox Challenge

I decided to do a detoxing diet. Starting today, I’m stuffing myself with chocolate, croissants, avocado and more chocolate. Let me explain…

Physical reasons for detoxing

I have done a lot of work on accepting my body over the years, and come quite far. I accept my curves and my belly, which is not as tight or flat as before three pregnancies.  But I also feel that I’m not being very caring for my body. I’m indulging on chocolate almost daily and not always as dedicated to my yoga practice as I aim to be. I also believe that years of using antibiotics every now and then (last time for two months in a row to control my chronic skin disease called rosacea – unsuccessfully) have their effect on my intestinal flora. Years of hormonal birth control must have influenced my hormonal balance. And I know toxins coming from food that haven’t left my body are stored in the adipositas fat reserves.

Lately I have been feeling tired, my rosacea is coming back (treatment is very difficult) and I experienced low vitamin B12 levels. I’m aware that most people have serious deficits in their overall vitamin levels. I’m already working on that by using high quality nutrient supplements. Now it’s time for the next step.

Emotional reasons for detoxing

Lately I wrote about how I realized I’m addicted to eating. Food is a great way to hide feelings. When I eat something sugary, it’s like clouds cover up my anxiety, anger or whatever arises in me. I realize that eating is not the solution. On the contrary: it makes me feel heavy, slow and in a way disconnected from myself. I have cut sugar and animal products from my diet before for months, and each time I felt great. But one piece of chocolate after several months of abstinence, and I could start all over again, having cravings for sweets and cheese throughout each day.

I want to break through this emotional pattern of eating, feeling dependent on chocolate to face my fears.

Spiritual reasons for detoxing

After focusing for a while on breaking through fears, insecurities and other business on a more ‘earthly’ plane, I feel I want to connect more again to my spiritual side. Taking time alone in nature, meditating, staring at my horses, and also eating clean. Just as the emotional reason for breaking through this addiction-pattern of eating and stuffing away emotions, I also feel how food can disconnect me from spirituality, or that ‘connection to the universe’ or however you call it.

Detox parade

There are so many detox diets around, which one to choose? I chose the way I like to choose: I followed my gut instinct (pun intended). After reading a lot about cutting carbs, no refined foods, the paleo diet as well as strong opponents to of all them, I came across a friend who was both creating a new stream of income as well as working intensively on her health through supplementing nutrients and detoxing. Oh joy! I talked with her and felt drawn to this particular detox. I’m not saying this is the best method; it’s simply the method that I feel most drawn to right now.

Metabolism Reset

This particular detox is also called a metabolism reset. It starts with eating loads of food for two days, telling your body to move into high metabolism. You use homeopathic drops that tell your body to keep going at this rate of digestion – but then you cut back to 500 calories per day. Yeah, nearly nothing. Although, I could eat over a kilo of salad and still eat some more I found out. Nutritional supplements make sure that you will ingest all the necessary vitamins and minerals to prevent malnourishment. After three weeks of eating only veggies, some fruits and protein (from protein shakes as I’m doing this vegan-style) you will gradually build up the calorie-intake again.

My intention is to come back to the body’s natural weight, balance hormones, detox and feel lots better.

The start…

So today I had breakfast with croissants and while writing this I’m stuffing myself with another bar of chocolate. Normally, a woman is recommended to eat around 2000 calories. I never realized that a 200 gram bar of chocolate contains half of that. I must have been overeating so often! It makes me love my body so much more, realizing what I’ve been putting her up with.


My length: 183 cm (= 6ft)

My weight: 78,5 kg (= 172 LBS)

Giving me a healthy BMI at age 31 of 23,6.

What? How much?
Weight 78,5 kg
Belly 95,5 cm
Hips 101,5 cm
Ass 107,5 cm
Upper leg 64 cm
Breast 100 cm

In order to be able to monitor my body throughout this process I will measure at least weekly. I will also make a daily video testimonial on YouTube to share how I feel. I will do this to commit myself to this process (and not give up halfway), as well as to create a support document for people who will do this detox too.

>>> NOTE: I do not intend to make any claims with this article. Never do a detox or any other diet without proper supervision and proper nutritional supplements. <<<

Join me for day 1:



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