Magic is Real and We Can Create it All the Time

We can create magicOur imagination is so limited by the cage of conditioning. We all create beliefs about how we should live, relate, behave, work, parent or look – beyond what we realize. We limit our magic with our own thoughts.

And our thoughts are the key to freedom as well. Our thoughts that are created by our belief systems and our emotions. But are they real?

Is there anything we cannot create? What if we are powerful beyond imagination and indeed, capable to create magic?

Magic is in big things and in small things. It exists, but only when we believe.

I spent the last days in Paris, with my beloved. A relationship that from just the mind is pretty challenging to make work. But we’re doing it because we believe we can. Because the heart, belly, and soul are so clear. As if the Universe is with us, we find ourselves having more time together than we planned because of changed plans beyond our power and French airport people being on strike. Big magic.

The story of how we met. Big magic.

But magic is also in small things. As a surprise, he took me to a Burner party in Paris. At Burner events, people dress up and change into magical creatures. As it was a surprise, I didn’t have crazy clothes or more make-up than simple eyeliner with me. I decided to wear a simple blue dress and give my mind the background assignment to come up with a brilliant idea. To improvise something. Nothing came, but my mind was still open.

On our bikes on the way to the party, when I was thinking about something else, suddenly an image popped up: the coat I was wearing. It has a sexy, kinky flavored leather-like chest part that comes off. Wearing that over my dress would, combined with stockings, boots and fierce eyeliner create a wonderful outfit! Small magic.

As I put on the eyeliner in the venue I met a colorful person who asked if they could put some glitter on my face. More magic.

My beloved introduced me to gorgeous people that felt like dear friends right away, touching my heart so deeply. So much magic.

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