My love isn’t something to take from you. It’s nothing I want from you. I don’t need your love to confirm my existence.

I’d rather say: “I feel love between us”, for I can only feel love resonating when we both unveil it. When we allow ourselves to not keep our love away from each other, but to ler it flow. Where my love meets your love the love multiplies into a glowing ball of energy enlightening you and I and all that surrounds us.

More than “I feel love between us”, I prefer not to speak, and just observe the vibrating love with all my senses. Words are only needed when I’m not sure. Love isn’t something to be or not be sure of. It is always there. Love is always there, although sometimes it might be hidden. I don’t need my words or your words to confirm the presence of love. I don’t need characters for my mind to understand.

I trust in both you and me to be capable to lovingly show our love to one another, without fear or judgment.

There is no single situation in which love isn’t appropriate. No name, age, social status, gender or religion matter when it comes to sharing love.

Love is the foundation of a meaningful life. Love is all you need to be happy.

The opposite of love is fear. Fear is something we create in our minds. It is fear that starts wars. Fear of our own Self.

Revealing love without fear creates an open heart. An open heart doesn’t judge and doesn’t hurt. An open heart creates smiles and loving vibrations towards all who surrounds you.

When you meet another unfearful person and your love meets, you will feel it. A warm vibration enters your heart and lets a warm glow spread through your body. You will know without words that you are connected by love with this being. You can feel this love for persons, animals, flowers, trees, a view… never ever it is wrong to feel love.

Yet you might feel vulnerable about expressing your love. For that reason it is important to feel firmly connected to the love within you. The love for who you are.

We are all God’s children, created in perfection. No matter who you are or what you’ve done in this life: you are perfect. You are worth living and you deserve this place on earth.

It doesn’t matter what your body looks like; it is beautiful as it is. It is a package, a way to travel through life and learn what you need to learn, to experience what you need to experience. It is there for you to love, to enjoy. Take good care of it but don’t limit yourself by limiting your body to experience and enjoy the earthly pleasures of food and touch.

Feel welcome in your body. Love your body and also your mind, for they are essential parts of you. The parts of you designed to cooperate with in this life.

Loving you is an essential first step in loving another. Loving another is a first step in living YOUR life. Resonate with love as much as you can. Don’t worry or judge yourself when you temporarily loose the connection with love. Reflect and go within. Make contact with your own heart and feel warm vibrations of love spread from your heart throughout your body. From this true connection with the essential you, you can go outward again and make the connection with others.