Exploring Deeper Online: Love, Sex, Tantra

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What if you could wake up each morning, feeling confident about yourself and excited about the new adventures that are awaiting you, inside your bedroom and everywhere you go?

Once I was the shyest girl you could imagine. I was ashamed of my body, had my first orgasm when I was 23 (and good sex only much later), I had no idea how to create fulfilling relationships and I was nervous about going to parties – even the ones I was invited for.

Until the world of tantra, conscious sexuality and love from a place of knowing myself entered my world, and my life radically changed. I want to share this path with you – whoever you are, wherever you are.

The program in one glance:
– focus: practical tools and embodied practice to empower yourself through love/relationship, sex, and tantra
– elements: tantra, meditation, dance, sharing, bodywork, consent
– level: * open for everyone.

Are you curious how tantra can help you solve problems like feeling insecure, unattractive and shy? 

Do you want to know how sex and love can be something wonderful, instead of something that feels scary, boring or like ‘part of the deal’? And when you enjoy sex already, do you want to learn how you can take it to a next level?

What if love and relationships become fulfilling and a deep tool for growth, instead of a constant source of frustration and irritation – actually keeping you small instead of making you grow?

In this course, I will take you on a journey into love, sex, and tantra; the three most intimate and deep teachers I have found so far. Prepare for an intense ride. It will be confronting and challenging, but you will come out changed. The key to any change lies within you. We’ll go on a quest for that key and open the door to lavish, luscious intimacy!

You will receive practical tools that you can use on a daily base to turn limiting beliefs and emotions that usually make you feel contracted and closed off into allies, helping you to open up and receive more.

You won’t be alone in this quest: you travel together. Supporting each other multiplies the learning effect, research has shown. You will receive more inspiration than you will ever find alone.

You will be part of my personal journey, as I will share about my experiences about how I have been dealing with challenges on my path of being the most insecure girl you have ever met to the empowered woman I am now.

What does this course look like?

NakedExploring Deeper: Love, Sex, Tantra is a 4-week online program (starting April 16, 2018). Every week you will receive a video and written content straight to your mailbox. You will be supported and inspired by getting exclusive access to a private facebook group where you will find peer-support, ask coaching questions and share experiences. I will personally answer your questions in live Q&A sessions.

This is an overview of the content:

Week 1: Why do you behave the way you do, and why do the same patterns and challenges keep coming back?
Understanding why we act and react the way we do brings consciousness. And consciousness gives us the opportunity to grow.
What is holding us back, what do we want to drop to become free, and how do we that?

Week 2: How can you turn your body into your Personal Guiding System?
Limiting beliefs can keep us far from that sweet spot, as well as not deeply know our boundaries and desires. We learn how to turn our demons into allies, and how to create that safe spot without depending on others and their behavior.

Week 3: What can Tantra offer you, besides lots of fun in the bedroom?
Great sex is one thing, but what if you don’t have a partner? And how can Tantra empower you in your life, your well-being and your purpose? Feel more secure about yourself – and not just in bed.

Week 4: How can you make your life easier and more empowered?
Tools and tips to ingrain new habits into your daily life in an easy way, to change your life sustainably and significantly.

When you go to workshops you probably know this: the first days after the workshop you feel like your life changed significantly. But some weeks later you don’t feel that anymore. Nothing really changed. So that’s not what we will do with this program. We will create ways to sustainably change your life to a life with more ease, flow, abundance, and intimacy.

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Some words about working with me

“Wilrieke is an amazing woman. She’s doing great work in the fields of intimacy and relationships. I highly recommend her programs and sessions!”
– Eyal Matsliah, Sexual Empowerment Coach, Author, and Speaker, www.intimatepower.com

“Wilrieke combines vulnerability with strength in a beautiful way that invites you to be inspired and touched. She’s is wise, playful and always curious, something I admire a lot. By being in touch with her, you automatically become more curious yourself, open and accepting of what life has to offer.”
– Marije Janssen, Sexual consciousness speaker, counselor and facilitator, www.marijejanssen.nl

“Wilrieke is a wonderful facilitator with a deep understanding of connection and intimacy. I’ve worked closely with her over the last couple of years and I appreciate her soft strong approach, cutting to the heart of what matters sensitively and with compassion. I have no doubt that this course will be an exceptional experience for anyone who participates in it.”
– Newman Alexander, www.newmanalexander.com

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