Love isn’t a competition, it’s additive

Think this over for a while:

Is love something which comes at certain volumes that need to be shared among the people around you? Or is there enough for everybody?

Many times I have heard parents telling me about the love they feel for their kids. When expecting their second child, young parents often worry whether they would have enough love for their expected newborn. They love their first kid so much, how could they love another child just as much?

When the second child is born, they realize there is nothing to worry about. There is enough love for all kids.

Love isn’t a pie of which all people around you get a share. Love is an unlimited source of wonderful energy that never runs empty. It’s even better: the more love flows through you, the more love you will feel. There is a story in the Bible which illustrates this beautifully. Jesus shares some bread and fish with many people. The people expect there will never be enough to nourish them all. But as Jesus shares what he has, there is plenty for everybody.

As someone told me: Love isn’t a competition, it’s additive.

Don’t worry if you feel love for another person. You will have enough left for your partner, kids, family and friends. Just enjoy the feeling!

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