Life is fun

What is the meaning of life? Why are we on earth, why do we exist?

Are we here to suffer? Watching television, reading the newspapers or glossy magazines, it seems that, indeed, we are here to get hurt. To feel pain. We read about war, about homicide. We watch programs where there might be one winner at the cost of many losers. We feel ourselves less miserable because there are so many others more miserable than we are.

Everything is a choice.

We choose how we feel. We choose the rain to influence our mood. Or we smile, independent of any kind of weather. We choose to watch tv, to read magazines full of gossip and judging stories about celebrities.

It’s a choice to feel we should suffer in life. It’s a choice to keep the job we don’t like, to go to birthdays of people we hardly know and to celebrate Christmas with our parents in law. There is no law forcing us to do any of those things. The only law at work here is the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you believe. If you truly believe you are a fabulous photographer, you will be. Of course it involves buying a camera and investing in practice. But you will be that famous photographer. If you believe you will fly, you will. It may involve some technical assistance, but hey, let’s not get picky 😉

The Law of Attraction also works the other way around. If you start a drawing and believe you will suck at it, you will. If you don’t believe you will have a good grade for your assignment, the odds are against you.

If you believe life consists of hard work, pain and suffering… guess what you’ll get?

What if you can believe life is meant to be fun? That the world we live in is one big playground where we can explore, discover and have fun as much as we want? What if enjoying life means we attract more great situations, bringing even more joy?

Think about love. Young girls, and probably guys too, fantasize about their marriage. One day they will dress up in a wonderful gown, looking like a fairy tale princess. There will be hundreds of people, admiring her as she walks the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.

As we grow up we chase that vision of the perfect partner, trying to find him or her. We try to be nice and friendly to all possible partners, just in case (s)he is Mr(s). Right. And what if we missed the person? Will we die alone? Or what if we thought to have the perfect relationship and we break up. Now what?

At some point we might find a suitable partner. Doesn’t look anything like the perfect picture, but we’ll settle for it. We get married, the Holy Grail. But than… “is this it?” We cling to our partner, fear (s)he will fall in love with someone else, hate the birthdays and obligations we feel we cannot escape from, are jealous on beforehand. We don’t like the petty life we thought we dreamed of at all. Maybe we fall in love with someone else ourselves. Maybe we decide to get divorced and start all over again with this new found love. To find ourselves some years later in the exact same situation. Just as stuck, just as unhappy.

What if you choose differently? What if you choose to enjoy your life to the fullest, and allow your beloved ones do the same?

Even though I am in a long term relationship and a mother of three kids, I feel there is still so much to explore. My boyfriend acknowledges this and encourages me to follow the feelings I have, exploring them completely. This gave me the opportunity to travel to Norway on my own and meet, kiss and cuddle some pretty amazing people! Does this mean I don’t love my boyfriend anymore? On the contrary! When I went home I loved him more than ever, because of his trust in me, his love for me and his curiosity about all I had to tell him. And I can tell you, I’ve learned some new things he was pretty enthusiastic about! 😉

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