Letter to my selves

Dear shy girl,

Thank you for being a part of me. Thank you for providing me with a safe haven to protect my soul when I cannot run or walk away. You are always there to warn me when I’m about to cross my own borders without respecting them. Without respecting myself. Thank you for warning me when I don’t feel safe.

Dear shy girl, I know it is not easy to let go of control. To step outside and really be present in situations where you feel vulnerable. Maybe, with the right people (and trust me, you are amazing intuitively finding the right people at the right time), it is okay to let go a bit more often. Don’t ignore yourself and please never leave, but maybe you can step into the light every now and than, and feel how it’s like to stand in the sun.

Dear shy girl, I love you and I accept you.

Dear tough girl,

Thank you for being a part of me. You are strong, creative, you can impress people with your skills and strength. You can install a sink, put new tiles on walls, do anything with a drill, build nesting-boxes for birds, build a henhouse, paint a house… sure comes in handy! You help out wherever you can and people are thankful for that.

You know tough girl, it is okay to be tough and strong and invulnerable. Sometimes it is darn necessary in this world. But there are also times when you don’t need this shield of forcefulness to protect the sweet girl within you. Sometimes you hurt people with strong words or sending out a vibe of indifference… when in fact you care. I’m happy to have you around, especially when things need to be fixed 🙂 But you know, strength doesn’t always have to come from your outer shield. There is this huge strength inside you which is enough to keep you protected. If you feel safe, would you try to take down your defences a little and let the sweet girl peek through?

Dear tough girl, I love you and I accept you.

Dear brave girl,

Thank you for being a part of me. I am very grateful that everytime you learn new things, you are willing to try them. Even though you have been hurt in the past, you want to keep growing. To free yourself of limiting thoughts and beliefs. To soften the memories, to learn all they can teach you, feel them once again at full force (which hurts) and let them go. I am so proud you dare to face the feelings and the emotions that appear when you discover new challenges to face. To cry in the arms of your loved ones, or people you’ve just met.

To open your arms to hug. To open your hands to heal. To open your mouth to kiss.

Dear brave girl, you’ve been through a lot, but you never gave up. And you know? (You know!) It’s getting better and better. You climb that mountain and allthough there is a valley or a cleft here and there, the view is getting more and more beautiful. Please, take a rest sometimes and have a look around. Feel where you are. Give yourself a hug and praise yourself for what you have realised. Be proud of yourself 🙂

Dear brave girl, I love you and I accept you.

Dear mother,

Thank you for being a part of me. You are a mother, not just to your kids, but you have this nurturing, caring energy for everyone that needs it. You hug them, heal them, hold them. And that’s beautiful. You have so much love to give and you give so much.

Just beware a little. If you only give, you inevitably run empty. You’ve been there. Many times. It’s not such a great place to be. So take good care of yourself. Dare to receive. There are many people more than happy to fill you up with love, happiness and joy. Listen to that compliment, take that hand, receive that gift. You don’t have to feel obliged to do an equal thing in return. The act of joyfully receiving what is being given is enough.

Dear mother, I love you and I accept you.

Dear playful woman,

Thank you for being a part of me. Up till now you have been hiding yourself pretty well. Sometimes you are there. Having a laugh, flirting and dancing. Often you scare yourself being playful, because it makes you feel vulnerable. You’re afraid you do something wrong. But playful woman, the moment you are happy, and all you do comes straight from your heart, there’s no wrong. Release that inner tiger, embrace that wild horse and let it out! Dance until your feet hurt, sing until your voice cannot take it anymore. Release that tension in your face, open your mouth and gulp life in. Be greedy!

Dear playful woman, learn to truly love who you see in the mirror. Look deep into your eyes and see the sparkle that’s in there. You are beautiful. When you feel good, but also when you feel sad. Dare to show that when you are in the mood to! Wear pretty clothes, maybe even some high heels? You can be very sexy, cherish that part of you. Nourish that sensuality, make love, let yourself be loved, beware of your borders but explore all you are curious about and enjoy it without regret, judgement or worry.

Dear playful woman, I love you and I accept you.

Dear wise lady,

Thank you for being a part of me. I am thankful for all the knowledge and experience you have acquired, and the will to share that for the good of all. You have this immense inner peace, this trust in the good hearts of people, the turnings of the seasons, the flow of life. You have this gift of truly understanding. And the ability to put that into words.

Dear wise lady, there is no need to be insecure about yourself. Deep down you know you can trust yourself. Trust life. It is scary sometimes, to open up, to step forward and say ‘Here I am’. You have something to give. You have your part to fulfil in this bigger thing called life. This conscious common reality we live in, where every living being has its part. Take your place with pride and joy.

Dear wise lady, I love you and I accept you.

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