Individual Sessions

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For some people creating a life filled with abundant intimacy in many forms is easy. For others there are roadblocks. Whether they are in the form of conditioning, fear, lack of resources or insecurity, experiencing scarcity when it comes to intimacy influences your life in an unwelcome way.

Let me help you.

For example:

  • You want a (long) hug, be held, feel seen. An ear to listen to you, a shoulder to cry on and two strong arms to hold you, no matter what.
  • You are a man who is really shy around women. Lacking experiences in the bedroom and feeling a mountain standing in your way.
  • You are a couple wanting to open your relationship and not sure how to do it, or how to deal with jealousy and insecurity.
  • You are a woman/gay/trans/queer person who is curious about intimacy with a woman.
  • You don’t experience many challenges with intimacy, but you would like an exciting, uncomplicated meeting with a woman.
  • There’s not a real problem, but you want to give yourself a yummy experience of being held and touched.

Although my sessions don’t include sexual interaction (meaning any kissing, oral sex or intercourse), I feel very comfortable with touch and sexual sensations. I use different approaches in my sessions including tantra, energy work (based on Quantum touch), cuddling and holding, kink, emotional release, conversational techniques (speaking and listening), massage, touch, mindfulness, the wheel of consent, and my strong intuition.

My sessions are open for people of all sexual orientations, backgrounds, and gender (18+).

Why me? In this about section I share about my experience and processes.


No matter what session you would like, they all start with an intake*. During this initial session, we talk about where you are now, your history, where you want to go, and which stepping stones along the way would help you get there. Which experiences and tools do you need? What fears and insecurities do you want to let go off?

This is where we decide whether we are a match to continue working together, and in what way. An intake session usually includes some initial coaching and bodywork.

*If I have met you in person in my workshops, it is possible to skip the intake when you want a Coaching and/or Cuddling session.

Duration: 2h.

Each journey with me is made to measure for your specific situation and desires. The following options give you an overview of the different flavors I offer.


Coaching with me means that I really listen to you. Really listen. And reflect based upon what I hear, what I see, what I feel and what I have learned in my experiences and processes. I am highly intuitive and capable of feeling deeply into you with lots of empathy.

I believe in respect. Not just from me to you, but also from you to you. I don’t believe in pushing others (or myself) – I rather be very gentle and use an inviting approach. Little steps outside your comfort zone lead you further than running straight into terror zone. I love to give you practical tools and challenges to take lead over your life again. Learn to open your heart (again). Give you loving feedback to grow further.

Topics you can think about when considering a coaching session with me: relationships, attachment patterns, non-monogamy, sexuality, intimacy, dealing with emotions/fears/insecurities/jealousy/limiting beliefs etc., creating balance in your life, kink etc.

I’m worldwide available for online coaching through Skype or Zoom. Contact me for information and a personal offer.

Duration: starting with 1h.


I will hold you. You decide how. We can sit and look at each other. We can hold hands. We can spoon (both ways). We can talk or be silent. Maybe listen to your favorite music. You can rest your head on my lap while I stroke your hair. Or, if you prefer, you can just surrender to my cuddling-guidance.

Cuddling helps you to slow down life and let go of stress. Research shows more and more the health benefits of hugging. It slows your heart rate, reduces blood pressure and the release of stress hormones while it stimulates the release of hormones like oxytocin, the ‘happiness hormone.’ Being held reminds you of how loved you are. It invokes self-love and pleasure.

Duration: starting with 1h, only after intake.

Exploring Intimacy

There can be different reasons why you aren’t comfortable with intimacy yet. Your insecurity about yourself or your (intimate) skills can be keeping you away from the intimacy you wish to experience in your life. Maybe you have never touched a woman, or let a woman touch you. Or you want to increase your knowledge of pleasure.

Exploring Intimacy is meant for people who want to become more comfortable in an intimate setting with a woman. In these sessions, we will work with touch, but we will also explore topics like expressing boundaries and desires, expressing them (which is another step from feeling them!) and consent.

These sessions take you by the hand, exploring intimacy at your pace. You will receive background information, practical tools, and hand-on experience. These sessions are exciting, playful and expanding.

These sessions are also a recommendation when you don’t experience a lot of difficulties with intimacy, but want to give yourself an exciting, uncomplicated experience with a woman, and want something else than a Cuddling session.

Duration: starting with 2h, only available after Coaching and/or Cuddling.

Playing with Desire

When Exploring Intimacy, you will discover that there are many flavors to intimacy. From sweet to rough, from leading to surrendering. Playing with Desire offers you the possibility to explore different flavors of intimacy.

Duration: starting with 2h, only available after (or in combination with) Exploring Intimacy.

Loving Touch

You want to give yourself an amazing experience. There’s not a real problem you want to work on, but you want to be touched. These sessions are a combination of touch, cuddling, massage, tantra, listening and holding. Extremely yummy!

Duration: starting with 2 hours.

Couples: We’re in this Together

You are interested in opening up your relationship, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe one of you wants to open the relationship, and the other doesn’t. Now what? Maybe you are curious about inviting a third person into your bedroom (or go on solo adventures), but afraid of which emotions and insecurities you will face.

These sessions are a mixture of coaching and touch. We can use cuddling or intimacy work to invite the fears and insecurities that you actually fear, and work with them on the spot. I will give you tools that will empower you (both) dealing with these so that you will feel empowered to playfully and comfortably explore intimacy outside of your relationship.

These sessions can also function as a very safe and controlled first step in experiencing an open relationship.

Duration: starting with 2h, only after intake.


Intake and Coaching: €85,- per hour

Cuddling, Exploring Intimacy, Playing with Desire, Loving Touch (often sessions are a combination of all these) and Couples sessions: €125,- per hour

Do you come from far, are you (or am I) around only for a few days? Consider booking an XL-session of 3, 4 or even 6 hours. Prices upon request.

Do you have special requests, e.g. practicing intimacy in the form of having dinner or taking me somewhere? Send me a message!


Except the intake and coaching, all sessions take place near Utrecht. Exact address upon booking. Intake and coaching can be held anywhere including through Skype.

Please read my terms and conditions before booking. These sessions do not include kissing or sex. Some experiences like a tantric massage are strictly one-way touch, whereas others, like cuddling, can include two-way touch (within my boundaries). You can absolutely be naked (though I will ask you to cover yourself for cuddles), but I will keep my clothes on. I will respect your boundaries at all times.

Send me a message to book your first session! You can also pop me a message on Facebook.