I’m in therapy, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I’m not sure how it is in other countries, but here in The Netherlands, there’s quite a stigma about it. ‘When you’re in therapy, something is wrong with you.’

Well, we all go through things in life, and those things mess with us. Some in good ways, some in not such good ways. Life ís messy. And that’s okay.

For some things, I turn to friends. And for other things, I turn to therapists. Individual sessions as well as a trajectory of group sessions. And it’s amazing. I wish everyone had access to mental health professionals, just as physical health professionals when our bodies need support.

Group therapy helps me get deeper insights into my patterns. Going beyond the fruits I’ve picked up myself or found in workshops (hey, there’s a difference between facilitators and educated therapists!). It’s confronting, supporting, and helping. Even if the steps are sometimes invisible to me. The therapy group reflects what I don’t see (stuff never goes deep and fast enough for me).

So, yay for therapy! Therapy doesn’t make you crazier, worse, stupid etc than anyone else. It just shows you are taking responsibility for yourself.

P.s. rain and shovelling horse shīt do things to my hair. And mascara. Don’t I look like a 70s emo queer now?