I’m an Intimacy Coach (and Society calls me a Sex Worker)

Society calls me a s*x worker. And that’s okay, although what I bring is not just that. I don’t f€ck my clients. I don’t even kiss them. But I’m very intimate with them.

For some of them it’s the first time in years. Sometimes the first time ever.

They teach me…

They teach me about the innocence of desire. The longing to connect sincerely.

They also teach me how they suppress their fire, their desire to ravish. How insecure they often feel about their body and their genital area.

I teach them…

That it’s all okay. That their insecurity as well as their list is part of their humanness. That I love to feel their lust and desire within the safe container of boundaries that we’ve created. That they’re free to play.

What it feels like to feel lust and desire. How much fun intimacy can be. How much seriousness and expectations we can drop. How much depth there is in sexuality and how clear the reflections we receive can be.

When we want to learn a craft we go to a teacher. But where do we learn sexuality?

I teach s*x. I learn people how to feel comfortable in their body and celebrate. There’s a lot of judgment in society about that. But how can we know without learning?

I believe we should appreciate these people who share their vulnerability and teach this craft, this skill, this amazing part of being a human.

And sometimes I feel vulnerable. What would my parents think (don’t worry mum, I’m not having actual s*x with them, I’m not doing anything I don’t want, I get payed well for it and I’m being respected so much).

“The space you create is so needed for me and others. I can’t learn this anywhere else. Thank you for sharing this, teaching me this and changing my life.”

And I’m not doing this just for my clients. I’m doing this for their partners and future partners too. So that they will get a partner who worked through their sh*t and insecurities.

I love creating these spaces of vulnerability and exploration. And as I go, I’m rewriting my stories about humans, and how beautiful and innocent we all are underneath our masks, patterns and clothes.

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I'm an intimacy coach

Photo: Zoe Johansen

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