I am not with a partner
Because I choose to.

I have no desire for tumbling into patterns
Of expectations
For compromising
What I never wanted to compromise.

The ‘happily ever after’
when walking hand in hand
is holding on from fear.

It doesn’t mean
I don’t believe in relating
Because I do.

It doesn’t mean I don’t desire sensuality
Or a good f#ck
Because I do.

The women in me have needs
And the men too
As do all the beings in between.

I want to ravish and be hunted
Dominate and let go
I want to be taken
And left alone.

I am consciously unpartnered
It doesn’t mean
I have no lovers.

Because I have many.

With some I talk,
With others I cuddle
Or go on endless walks.

With others I sleep
and others I have wild sex with.

Some read me poems
Or photograph me naked in the dunes
Some I dance with
Some send me selfies in the mirror with nothing but a towel hanging low on their hips.

I have no partner
Because I choose to
I choose to live my life uncompromised.

It doesn’t mean
I’ll never have a partner
Or two.

But I’m not waiting
I’m not impatient
I’m not substituting anything with something else.

I choose to rewrite the paradigm
That my ancestors created
That living happily and successfully
Means marriage
Or at least a relationship that lasts decades.

That’s not my definition of success
Or happiness.

Happiness to me is being free
To choose my truth
My path
My ways.

To choose where I compromise
And where not.

Happiness to me is acknowledging
The freedom I have
All the rights others fought for.

I can vote
I can make money
I can rent a house
I can write these words.

And I am grateful
That life has brought me here.

I am carving out my own path
Rewriting the narrative
Freeing the path for my daughters – for them to choose their own truth.

I am consciously unpartnered
I have no partner
Because I choose so.