Whatever you do
Whoever you are

There will be implications.

As you embrace more of your own juiciness, power, explicitness, and beauty – the stronger the responses will be.

The cheering ánd the judging. The projections will increase exponentially.

When you look grumpy, the world understands.
When you look happy, the world thinks you’re crazy.

(so darn spot on, Eugene)

The more you create from the heart and belly,
The more people will resonate and cheer
Or shunt.
Or ‘borrow’ your stuff more often without consent and credits than with.

It’s probably how the world always worked
And will continue working.

Breathing through it all.
Witnessing my inner parts feeling triggered, relax, wanting to be loved and seen for what I want to bring, wanting to be held, wanting to be left alone, trigger again and relax again.

Reminding myself:

I am a good person.

I act from the highest truth of what I know at this moment (which might feel clumsy with tomorrow’s wisdom and experience).

I am love.