I am a shapeshifter.

What does that mean, you may wonder? I don’t become a wolf at midnight, and I can’t fly.

But I have many different aspects, all rolled into one.

I’m shy and bold. Introvert and extravert. Feminine and masculine. Insecure and full of courage. Dominant and submissive. Earth and fire. I know anxiety and avoidance. I embody magic and science. It’s like a multitude of personas (no worries, it’s perfectly healthy) wrapped into one body. When you’re with me and I trust us enough, you will see me change in every moment. My voice, face, emotions, polarity; they move like water. Fierce and still, combined with earth or with fire.

Some find it confronting. Others called me a liar. Others get terrified.

And yet others, they stay. They see the value of four seasons in a minute. They see how shapeshifters mirror a lot, welcome even more, and are real – in a deep and unapologetic way. I know I am a person with many faces. Seeing my own face reflect that every day now makes me smile. Letting go on a deeper level on the need to fit in and be invisible (or at least not standing out), to please the male gaze, or be anything that is expected.

I don’t think all of us are shapeshifters. (It’s an intense way of being, I can tell you!) Like not all of us are extraverts or introverts. I think all our characters have something to bring to our communities. Like the fearless used to find new lands and fight wild animals, and the careful would take care of the young and old (and make sure we would meet a new generation, as the fearless didn’t always return home). So too, I believe, shapeshifters have a place in the community. Maybe we are what they called witches and shamans. Maybe we were the outcast (doesn’t society needs those too?). Maybe we were the wise. I don’t know.

I do know I love all my different sides. Sometimes it makes me feel sad when people judge me for that, step back (I lost count of the amount of times where people told me they were afraid of me or my sex), or don’t event come close. Or can’t hold me when I need holding.Yet I’d never want to be anything different.

Fellow shapeshifters, do you recognize yourself in this?

Those who have one around, do you recognize them?