Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to have an office job and meet my colleages on a Monday morning at the coffee machine, and being asked what my weekend was like.

What would I answer?
What would I not tell?
What would I exaggerate?
What would I feel insecure about?
What would i brag about?

Would I say something like:
“My weekend was pretty okay. Went to a birthday party, met some friends in the city, had dinner with girlfriends and went to a Christmas market with my family.”

Or something like:
“My weekend was crazily intense! Dressed up as a panther for a sexy birthday party. Had a sleepover at my lovers’. Went to an eye-gazing experience with my partner and kids the next afternoon where i stared into the eyes of some really lovely person’s. Visited a little Christmas market where my kids had the time of their life in a snowy bouncing bubble. Back home had a very intense time with my partner, going through intense emotions, but getting out of it stronger than before.
Went to my first kinky party and had an amazing time there, experiencing and watching. And on Sunday evening meditated with wonderful women, released some pretty intense emotions together, and closed off with lovely dinner and strawberries with whipped cream.”

Which story of your colleague would be the truth? What are they not telling you? And what never happened?