Someone is angry with me and trying to wreak havoc.

Steve J Burford, also operating under the aliases Stephen Sharanam, Deborah Summers and The Lion of Judah, wrote an article about me trying to harm me and/or my career.

He interviewed me for his podcast years ago. Since then, his path turned into a different way where he harmed students in different ways, including threatening them, the nonconsensual spread of conspiracy/antivaxx information, etc.

Some brave people stepped forward about this.

This morning I received a message from Stephen from his pseudonym account Stephen Sharanam that he wrote an article about me on medium, shaming me, and continuing spreading misinformation (“It would be great to get a public apology from Wilrieke Sophia for all the death and induced AIDS she has caused by her misinformation.”)

You can read the article for yourself here on Medium (although I have reported the article and I hope Medium will take it down). It is also spread by Steve on several other ‘underground news’ websites.

Steve is also emailing and messaging colleagues of mine, other facilitators in the field of intimacy and tantra, as far as I know under the pseudonym of Deborah Summers and telling them about my ‘bad behaviour’.

Since I asked him to take down the podcast with me around the time the harm from the first link surfaced, he’s been on my back, trying to harm me with messages from his pseudonym account, and trying to share the medium article in different groups. As the Medium article directly links to this FB page I’m writing this response:

Steve J Burford / Stephen Sharanam is spreading slander about me, as well as writing threatening messages to me – and others in the past. In the past, he offered intimacy/spiritual workshops and education. Right now he offers workshops and training through, The Raw Attraction Magazine and his podcast The Steve Experience Podcast.

Please be careful.

These are some screenshots of his writings about me: