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This page is filled with free stuff that I wish to be accessible for everyone. You are free to use the materials on this page any way you see fit: for teaching, workshops, use with clients, or self-exploration. If you find it helpful, and if you can afford to, please consider making a donation to my paypal.


Setting up interactions

This tool is created to help you have safer intimate interactions. What information might be good to have on the table before diving in?

This printable sheet will help you set up a BDSM scene with an overview of all the needs, desires and boundaries of everyone involved.

Workshop Safety

Introducing a system of coloured flags to indicate healthy and unhealthy power dynamics within workshops and teaching spaces. This brochure will help you discern whether a workshop/teacher is safe (enough) for you.

The roles of enablers, apologists, and bystanders in maintaining abusive group dynamics. This brochure will help you better understand harmful group dynamics and might help you understand what happened when you felt uncomfortable or hurt.

There are things you can do when you feel you have experienced harm. This zine gives you an overview.

Wilrieke in Podcasts

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About me

Hi! My name is Wilrieke Sophia.

I’m an Intimacy Coach & Educator, Facilitator, International Speaker & Entrepreneur. I can help you take charge of your love life by attracting what you really desire in life:  love, sex, friendship – from mild to wild, from monogamy to polyamory, and everything in between.

I will take you from feeling lonely, unworthy, and disconnected to feeling more connected with yourself, others, and completely turned on by life.

I also train facilitators to run a trauma-informed, inclusive, and consensual intimacy-based business like mine. Keep on reading to find out more about all the exciting workshops, products, and online courses I offer!

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