Feeling Insecure

You don’t have to talk yourself down. Does it help you, when you feel small and imperfect?  It’s easy, believing we’re not good enough. Believing others are worthier, because they are smarter, skinnier, taller, shorter, prettier than we are.

We are all addicts for approval. Ever since our parents taught us that love is only available when we’re being good. When we do as we are told. Love will be taken away when we make mistakes or misbehave. We’ve become addicted to doing ‘the right thing’. To fitting in the perfect picture. Media stimulates us further. When we don’t look exactly like we should, love will be taken away.

We crave for approval. We crave to be seen. We crave to be the apple in the eye of the teacher. We’re secretly looking for that guru that discovers our hidden talent for something we’re not even aware of ourselves. Didn’t you want to be famous when you were a child?

We put such a burden upon our own shoulders. And for what? The absolute larger part of us will be forgotten in 100 years. There will always be someone who’s better than you in a certain skill. There will always be someone who you believe is smarter, sexier or prettier than you believe you are.

Do you really want to make a change? Be you. Be absolutely thrilled with your body, your soul, your mind. It creates a certain something. A vibe, a radiation, that inspires people without you even trying.

I’ll tell you a secret: most of all those people who you believe are a better person than you are, think the same about you and other people. They are just as insecure as you are.

There’s no reason to pretend you’re invisible because you believe you’re unworthy. There’s no reason to try so hard to receive confirmation of your worthiness or to impress people.

There’s no reason to be anything else than who you are. That’s your gift to bring to this world. You, and all the perfect flaws that you bring. Shine your brilliant light, own your being and have fun with it. Whether anyone is noticing or not is of no importance.