Everything changes. Somehow, as I’m getting older and have experienced more changes in my life, this reality is touching me deeper.

Where I’m walking is a patch of land that was a field after it was something wilder. Then it got the purpose ‘building land’, and idyllic sketches of a neighborhood with modern homes, a playground and people walking hand in n hand have adorned the local newspapers. But they didn’t build just yet, and so the wilderness took over again. Rare and common birds sing their songs, small beaches in the already brought in white sand with green trees and yellow flowers everywhere.

For now.

A few days ago a friend wrote that out favorite spot in a local forest disappeared because of harvesting of trees. No more dragon flies at a secret lake.

It’s not the first time. Many places in ‘my’ forests changed. People moved. Farms got torn down and newer buildings came into their place. No more cattle.

Kids grow up. My hair gets grey. Skin gets rough. Friendships come and go. Partners and lovers come and go. The work I do now, the message I bring now, isn’t the same as five years ago.

What remains?


Passion remains. The desire to live, breathe and make changes.