Tantra meets BDSM L1 (online) with Laurie Handlers & Om Rupani


Curious about BDSM? Maybe you’ve already had a taste of D/S magic in your s.x. Maybe you’ve read about it and its transformative possibilities. Maybe a friend has shared with you their experience of the healing power of consciously exploring one’s taboo desires. In this 2-day immersive experience, you will take a journey into the […]


Tantra meets BDSM L2 (online) with Laurie Handlers & Om Rupani


🔥 Integrating the Light & Dark of our Eros and our being 🔥 In this weekend journey, Laurie Handlers and Om Rupani will create a permission field in which the participants can discover a greater YES for their being, their desires, their Eros. No aspect of our being has been more shunned by society, more […]