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A Pink Play Party & Consent Workshop

Awananda Kanaalweg 84A, Utrecht

Are you looking for a place that is held with integrity, that is inclusive and welcoming, yet where you can play with your sensual fantasies and desires, and tantric meditations […]

Exploring Kink, Step 1: The Intensive

De Ruimte Weesperzijde 79A, Amsterdam

Exploring Kink is a way to add spice, depth and presence to all your relationships. In this workshop, we combine principles of consent and (neo-)tantra with the magical realms of […]

Kinky Tantra

De Ruimte Weesperzijde 79A, Amsterdam

There is this juicy ground where the fields of (neo-)tántra and kïnk overlap. An all-inclusive space where polarity has nothing to do with gender, but all with power, intention and […]

The Wonderful World of Energy Sex

De Ruimte Weesperzijde 79A, Amsterdam

You may have heard of the different chakras: energy centres in different places in our bodies. You may have explored the chakras in tantra workshops or meditations. But you can […]