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Kinky Tantra Level 2: The Deepening

TBA Central NL

* To participate in this event, you need to have done The Kinky Tantra Intensive (level 1). There's an opportunity to do Level 1 July 18&19 in Utrecht: https://www.facebook.com/events/648735682541988/ * Kinky Tantra: The Deepening takes off where Level 1, The Intensive, ended. With more time to design different kinds of scenes, and added skills to […]

Red Tantric Play Party

Elodia's Playground TBA, Central NL

NOTE: if you show any symptoms of C19, flu, or anything contagious, or had symptoms in the two weeks prior to this event - don't come! -------------------------------- *************************** Welcome to the Tantric Red Play Party! Join us for a day of sensual, luscious exploration in an all-embracing environment of like-minded people! This is an event […]