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The Official Cuddle Workshop Facilitator Training!

01/10/2020 - 04/10/2020

Cuddling is awesome! You have experienced how it can change your life yourself. How we all have the desire to be held, but not always the opportunity to do so.

And now you are dreaming of offering people that opportunity.

And to generate an income out of it.

Because that’s the best thing: living your passion. People paying you money for the value you provide is perfectly appropriate. Without touching we die. The biggest threat to our health is stress. And it so happens that cuddling reduces stress-levels!

Giving Cuddle Workshops and Cuddle sessions is something you can make a full living out of. You might also already be a therapist, coach, yoga teacher or something else, and want to add Cuddle Workshops and sessions to your current range.

Where to start?

Right here.

Get your PhD in Professional Cuddling.

This is the first course to become an approved Cuddle Workshop Facilitator, taught by the founder of Cuddle Workshops International, Wilrieke Sophia.

This is a 4-day course in which you will learn all the basics. After that you become an apprentice and learn in our apprentice community, for example by assisting certified facilitators. You will host trial workshops and video them. When your workshops have the expected quality, you will receive your certificate.

This course will not only teach you how to give a Cuddle Workshop. You will also learn what you need to be a great facilitator, as well as how to set up your business.

You won’t be on your own after the course is over either. You will remain part of a community which is there to support you, you will receive coaching, platforms for promoting your workshops. We aim to keep growing together.

Check out our websites:
www.cuddleworkshops.org (international)
www.knuffelworkshops.nl (The Netherlands & Belgium)

And our Facebook pages:

Do you more information, please send an email to wilrieke’at’wilriekesophia.com.

Part of the selection process for the Training is writing a motivation, and a call. Be aware that this is a training designed to provide you with a business model, and is priced accordingly. The language of the course is English (though most documents are available in Dutch as well). The course takes place in The Netherlands and includes food + lodging.


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