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Tantric Alchemy for Intimate Connections with prof. Francesca Gentille

October 12 - October 13

This is Tantric Alchemy for intimate Connections with Self and Partners with Clinical Sexologist and Professor Francesca Gentille (USA/IT).

Life is so fast. But some of the most intimate sex is so slow. For thousands of years, Tantric Lovers have known about the magic of energy, intention, the ventral vagal nervous system, and visualization.

In this 2 day workshop, we will explore and practice the science, and synergy of our mirror neurons to open the heart, create a sense of timelessness, and structure successful intimate encounters. (Whether on a first date or after years of partnership).

Francesca’s workshops are known for her transmissions of deep wisdom and insights in our functioning. The approach is therapeutic, shamanic, and backed up by a whole lot of science.

This is a workshop where you can come alone (and focus on the connection with yourself, your partner/s, or your future partner/s) or with your partner/s. You can decide to stay together or practice with other p[participants.

This workshop is taught by Francesca Gentille, organized by Wilrieke Sophia/Exploring Deeper, and with guidance from the assisting team of Exploring Deeper.

Wilrieke & Francesca have collaborated for 5+ years, in workshops like ‘One Night with a HUndred Lovers”, “Shamanic Therapeutic Kink” and others. These workshops have been called deep, amazing, and life-changing. Several participants studied further with Francesca on an individual basis. Francesca is based in the USA and Italy, and travels occasionally. This is a unique chance to experience this wise crone in our communities!

Francesca Gentille, Certified Clinical Sexologist and initiated shaman, inspires transformation by combining the science and soul of sexuality. For over 20 years, she´s compassionately empowered 1000s of clients, and students around the world to reclaim the spark, bridge sexual differences, heal from trauma, and deepen self-love!

An expert in the field of integrating sexuality, consciousness, healing, Tantra, Conscious Non-Monogamy, and the use of BDSM as a therapeutic modality. She is a professor at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, where she is studying for her PHD. She has conducted workshops, and presented at conferences in the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Israel, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Spain, and England.

She has developed the 5 Pillar Method Of Holistic Healing, and the Inner Aspect Method of awareness, inner harmony, and authentic choice. Her training has included: Non-Violent Communiciation, Somatic Sexology, Psychology, Shamanism, Clinical Sexology, Health Education, Conscious BDSM, Therapeutic Tantra, Psychodrama, Jungian Psychotherapy. Ecospirituality.

Training and mentors have included: Marshall Rosenburg, Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Lori Grace Star, Dr Gina Ogden, Dr Patti Britton, Dr Stephen Braverman, Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme, Joanna Macy, Thomas Hubl, Dr Joe Dipenza.

She is a quoted expert in books such as Esther Perel´s ¨State of Affairs,¨ Dr Judy Kuriansky´s ¨The Idiot´s Guide to Tantric Sex,¨ a co-author/editor of ¨The Marriage of Sex & Spirit, ¨ ¨Mono in a Poly World¨ by Taxmyn Ozga, and contributing author to ¨The Jealousy Workbook; Exercises and Insights for Managing Open Relationships¨ by Kathy Labriola.

Wilrieke Sophia (they/them) is a sex & intimacy educator, (TEDx) speaker, advisor & coach for creative makers and scientists, author, and founder of Exploring Deeper and Cuddle Workshops International.

The main focus of their work is empowerment through self-knowledge and understanding, radical self-inclusion, the embodied experiencing of boundaries and desires, and an extensive practice of consent – all based on a foundation of trauma awareness and neuroscience, embedded in experiential spaces based on interpersonal connective practices. They collaborate with artists and scientists, and are a supervisor and mentor.

With their project Red Flags in Workshops, Wilrieke creates zines and other free materials on e.g. accountability, abuse, and power dynamics in the intimacy and wellness communities.

More about Wilrieke:

IG: @wilriekesophia
FB: Exploring Deeper with Wilrieke Sophia

Check out Wilrieke’s TEDx Talk on Navigating Intimacy:

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